Witnessing to God's love

We have come to know

and to believe


that GOD has for us



Jesus is the first missionary of his Heart. He was the first to make known to us the love he has for us. Everywhere, always, in all his actions, Our Lord gave himself to the mission he came to carry out on earth.

Jules Chevalier, 1870

Who We Are

We are an international group of consecrated religious men, brothers and priests, called to be missionaries of God’s love revealed in the human heart of Christ. We are known by our initials: MSC. These come from our name: Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis.

The Spirit

As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, we live our faith in the Father’s love revealed in the Heart of Christ. We want to be like Jesus who loved with a human heart; we want to love through him and with him, and to proclaim his love to the world.

Our Mission

Our motto is “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere known and loved.” We will be found on all five continents in whatever way we have believed to be the most effective doing whatever brings us into contact with people – especially those who most need our help.

Upcoming Events

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