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In Memoriam P. Frangky Rengkung MSC

Pastor Franky Rengkung, yang biasa dipanggil Eki, lahir di  Tomohon pada 04 Agustus 1982. Keluarganya berasal dari desa Kinilow, Tomohon. Setelah menjalani pendidikan di Seminari Augustinianum, Tomohon, ia mengikuti pembinaan sebagai pranovis MSC di Pranovisiat MSC Pineleng pada 2005 – 2006. Selanjutnya pada 24 Juli 2006 ia diterima sebagai novis MSC di Karanganyar- Kebumen, Jawa […]


163rd MSC Foundation Day

Today, on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, we celebrate our 163rd Foundation Day. 163 years ago, Fr Chevalier and Fr Maugenest concluded their novena. The story goes as follows: We started our novena which was to finish on December 8, the great Feast of the Immaculate Conception. We promised the Blessd […]


December 7th, an MSC Day

December 7 has been a significant MSC day historically: the church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Piazza Navona was consecrated on this day in 1881. the Vatican approved the newly revised MSC constitutions, 1907 And, it is the vigil for completion of the novena by Father Chevalier and Father Maugenest for the […]

A Confrere Missing

Dear confreres, I received this message and i share with you,   Brothers, today (December 5) the community of International theologate in San Salvador, Central America went on a trip to the Costa del Sol, specifically in Pacific Ocean. We all came very happy to celebrate the end of the cycle at the University UCA. […]


Message from General Administration on Foundation Day

Rome, December 8th, 2017 For: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Dear brothers. On the 8th of December 2017, we will celebrate the 163rd anniversary of our MSC Congregation.  As expected, this letter contains echoes of our XXV General Chapter. During this Chapter we discerned movements of the Spirit that can help us to celebrate this […]


Commemoration of the Death of Our Founder

Today we commemorate the death of Father Chevalier, Our Founder. On the day of the death of Fr. Chevalier, Fr Piperon noted as follows: Father Chevalier’s sickness rapidly bringing his life to an end. Monday, October 21 was the day on which God, in the plans of his infinite mercy, chose to call to himself […]

New General Council

The 13th day of the General Chapter was a special day. It was the birthday of our new Superior General, Abzalón Alvarado Tovar – born 20 September 1970. The meditation of the day challenged us to be prophets in our world today. It was a reflection based on a combination of the Reading from the […]

Pope Francis: “Return to your first and only love”

“Show by your lives and by your works the passionate and tender love of God for the little ones, the underprivileged, the vulnerable and those whom our world has discarded.”  This was Pope Francis’ exhortation to the  General Chapter delegates of the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart on Saturday, September 16, in the Vatican. In his […]

New Superior General

This is the summary of the Day 6 of the General Chapter, in Rome. We began our morning reflecting on Acts 1and the election of Mattias to join the ministry of Peter and the other apostles. This was followed by a time of prayer and sharing in small groups. In the morning session Fr. Mark […]

XXV General Chapter

On Monday, September 4, 2017, the MSC XXV General Chapter  was officially opened in Rome. The XXV General Chapter will take place from 4 – 23 September 2017 at Casa La Salle, Rome. The new Superior General Elections will be scheduled on Tuesday evening, 12 September, which will be preceded by nominations, candidate presentations, prayers […]