December 7th, an MSC Day


December 7 has been a significant MSC day historically:

  • the church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Piazza Navona was consecrated on this day in 1881.
  • the Vatican approved the newly revised MSC constitutions, 1907
  • And, it is the vigil for completion of the novena by Father Chevalier and Father Maugenest for the foundation of the congregation.

A reminder:

“After studying Father Maugenest well and having proof of his good dispositions, I thought it opportune to confide my plan to him. It was towards the end of November, 1854, and he welcomed it enthusiastically.

“I’ve been dreaming of something similar for a long time. I’m with you in this, so let’s begin.”

“Right, but first we must be sure that it is God’s will. We should speak first to our good parish priest about it, as we would be starting the work in his parish; if he agrees, that will be one step forward and then he can help us when we approached the diocesan authorities. After that, as we have no resources to start any work, and are close to the promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, we will make a novena to the Immaculate Virgin, asking her as first fruit of the incomparable honour to be conferred on her, to obtain from the heart of her divine Son a clear sign of his approval, together with the means to set our project in motion.”

This approval was accepted and we went off to tell Father Crozat; while he thought about it, we turned to the statue of the Immaculate Conception which was on his desk, begging our good Mother to inspire him to consent.

“My sons”, he said with conviction, “not only do I share your sentiments, but I will do all in my power to help establish a house of missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Issoudun; and if you succeed, there will be nothing left for me to do but to sing my Nunc Dimittis.” (Personal Notes, page 20.)

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