Commemoration of the Death of Our Founder


Today we commemorate the death of Father Chevalier, Our Founder.

On the day of the death of Fr. Chevalier, Fr Piperon noted as follows:

Father Chevalier’s sickness rapidly bringing his life to an end. Monday, October 21 was the day on which God, in the plans of his infinite mercy, chose to call to himself his faithful servant. Our Superior General, Father Meyer, has set out in haste from Rome and arrived in Issoudun during the night. Immediately on his arrival, he hurried to Father Chevalier who recognized him and still had strength to bless him. Father Meyer did not leave him again.

Towards midday a crisis seemed to indicate the end. Father Meyer then had the community assembled and with them recited the prayers for the dying. From this moment on prayers were said continually at the death bed of our Father. At three o’clock, there was a fresh crisis, no less painful than what had preceded; but the infirmarian’s intervention helped him surmount it. This was the last of his suffering. After that he remained for more than two hours in great calm, almost motionless, as if in a peaceful sleep. Then, like the flickering out of a flame, he fell peacefully asleep in the Lord. The clock struck half past five and the evening Angelus was ringing in the parish.

Thus died our venerated and beloved Father, surrounded by his intimates and by some of his religious who had come from various parts to assist at his last hour and to render him their final respects. He had lived eighty-three years, six months and six days, the greater part of which – fifty-three years – had, by a special design of divine Providence, been spent in the town of Issoudun.

(Piperon, Notice, p. 318).

As we commemorate 110th anniversary of the death of our Founder, the Servant of God, Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC, eight of our young confreres are to perpetually profess the vows as MSC. These young MSCs are:

1. Frt. Tarsisius Kewa Ama MSC
2. Frt. Simon Kaize MSC
3. Frt. Samuel Anitu Fangohoi MSC
4. Frt. Yoseph Baak Donald Rahanubun MSC
5. Frt. Steven Tandiayu MSC
6. Frt. Edwin Wollah MSC
7. Frt. Rocky Marciano Wowor MSC
8. Frt. Everardus Resubun MSC

Please remember them in your prayers.

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