60th Anniversary of MSC Scholasticate

On August 22, 2017, 2 of our confreres celebrated 60 years of religious life as the MSC. They are P. Silvester Rarun MSC and P. Alexander Welerubun MSC. Sixty (60) years ago at the chapel of the Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Pineleng, in the presence of Dr. Fr. Theodorus Moors MSC, Regional Superior of Manado, 12 novices professed their first vows. They were Paskhalis Resubun, Alex Welerubun, Silvester Rarun, Johanis Talibonso, Yoseph Tethool, Karel Pandenaian, Yunus Pondaag, Thomas Merung, Henk Palar, Jerome Bangkut, Frits Untu and Max Rorimpandey. Also present the Bishop of Mando, Bishop Nikolaus Verhoeven MSC and the Superior of the MSC Scholasticate, Fr. Martinus Stigter MSC.

With this event, the MSC Scholasticate of Indonesian Province officially began with 12 scholastics and Fr. M. Stigter as the first Superior. Fr. Alex Welerubun is now living in the MSC Community of Langgur and Fr. Silvester Rarun is staying in the MSC Convent in Karombasan, Manado. From this 12 first scholastics, 7 became priests and 5 left the religious life. One of the 7 priests was the late Bishop Yos Thetool MSC.

The 60th anniversary celebration of these two confreres was held in two different places. Fr. Silvester Rarun celebrated the jubilee in the MSC Scholasticate, Pineleng, along with the 60th anniversary of the MSC Scholasticate. While Fr. Alexander Welerubun celebrated his jubilee at the MSC Convent in Langgur together with Fr. Gerardus Esserey MSC who celebrated 50 years of religious life.

The Celebration at the Scholasticate Pineleng was held in a Eucharistic celebration presided by the Bishop of Manado, Mgr. Benedictus Estephanus Rolly Untu MSC. Bishop Emeritus Mgr. Yoseph Theodorus Suwatan MSC also present. The celebration was then continued with a cordial celebration at the Scholasticate refectory. On this occasion F. Silvester was awarded an Apostolic blessing from the Holy Father of Pope Francis, submitted by the Provincial Leader of Sulawesi – East Kalimantan – North Kalimantan, P. Berty Tijow MSC.

On August 21, 2017 nigt, a vigil was held to anticipate the 60th Anniversary of the MSC Scholasticate. The vigil was conducted by Fr. Yohanis Ohoitimur MSC, with a reflection about the history of the Scholasticate.

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