Acceptance of New Novices

On Monday, Jul 24, 2017, 19 new novices were accepted in Sananta Sela Novitiate, Karanganyar – Kebumen, Central Java. The new novices are Raymond Veki Rahail, Petrus Lodar Tethool, Marcelino Lomboan, Joseph Kanar Tethool, Johanis Renyut, Jenner Senduk, Ignatius I Made Suatma, Gregorius Montolalu, Fransiskus Mario Charlos, Finsenso Farano Savsavubun, Febrian Stefanus Wengke, Eusebius Verceli So’o Kowe, Ekanisius Dedianto, Dominggus Mergwar, Basilio Bryan Nukak, Alfons Jeujanan, Albertus Agung Prasetyo, Paulus Watratan dan Hinto Tolombot.

They were accepted in an Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr Johny Luntungan MSC, the Provincal Superior of MSC Indonesia.

They will begin their 1 year journey as MSC Novices under the guidance of Fr. Antonius Dwi Rahadi MSC (novice master) and Fr. Marsel Subi MSC (Socius).

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