Consecration of New Bishop of Manado


Manado, July 8, 2017 – Today is a blessed day for the Diocese of Manado. New Bishop of Manado, Bishop Benedictus Estephanus Rolly Untu MSC, was ordained in a Euchaistic Celebration at Maesa Stadium, Tondano. Thousands of people have flocked before noon to Maesa Stadium. The consecration of the new bishop begins at 15.00 and proceeds solemnly. This celebration was presided by Nuncio Apostolic Antonio Guido Filipazzi. Also present were almost all bishops of dioceses in Indonesia, John Cardinal Ribbat MSC from Papua New Guinea, hundreds of priest, religious, and thousands of faithful.

With this ordination, Mgr. Benedictus Estephanus Rolly Untu MSC officially replaces Bishop Emeritus Joseph Theodorus Suwatan MSC who serves Manado diocese for 27 years. After resigning and being replaced by the new bishop, Bishop Emeritus Joseph Theodorus Suwatan MSC will remain in Manado.

The photos from this celebration can be accessed here.

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