Institution of Lectors and Acolytes

Pineleng, June 30, 2017 – In a eucharistic celebration presided by Bishop Joseph Theodorus Suawatan MSC, 8 scholastics were instituted as Lectors.  Those who were instituted as Lectors: Frt. Bonaventura Farneubun MSC, Frt. Devid Fransiskus Abram MSC, Frt. Julianus Batvin MSC, Frt. Richardo Bill Lira MSC, Frt. Hardaely Palloan MSC, Frt. Allesandro Pinangkaan MSC, Frt. Christian Reza MSC, and Frt. Fransiskus Xaverius Sikteubun MSC.

8 scholastics were instituted as Lectors

At the same event,  5 scholastics were instituted as acolytes. Those scholastics are: Frt. Antonius Obe Haryon MSC, Frt. Firalen Vianney Ngantung MSC, Frt. Paulus Edi Nugroho MSC, Frt. Martinus Rikiwi Setiaji MSC, and Frt. Edwin Andreas Wollah MSC.

5 Scholastics were instituted as Acolytes.

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