Fr. Heribertus Merung Passed Away

In the midst of our joy because of priestly ordination of Fredrik Fritz Ponomban MSC and diaconate ordination of 9 Scholatics in Pineleng, we had news that Fr. Heribertus Merung MSC died at the Hospital of Gunung Maria Tomohon.

Fr. Herry was born in Rumengkor, Minahasa, on December 10, 1936, from the Family of Aloysius Merung and Anna Rosok. Herry is the fifth of 6 siblings (3 boys, 3 girls).

After completing primary school in Rumengkor in 1950, he studied at St. Francis Xavier Seminary Kakaskase in 1951-1957, and continued to Pineleng Major Seminary in 1957 – 1965. He had his novitiate year in Karombasan, Manado and said his first profession on August 22, 1960. He had his perpetual vows on August 22, 1963 and was ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Manado on March 24, 1965. He attended the spiritual course in Nemi, Italy, in June to December 1984.

After having his quinquennale (fifth year) in Pal 3 Manado (June 1965-July 1966), he was assigned in some parishes: Langowan, Sanger Talaud, Poso, Kembes, Palu, Purbalingga, Kebumen, Tegal, Pekalongan (while being spiritual director for sisters and brothers in the diocese of Purwokerto), Woloan, and Kakaskasen. His last assignment was chaplain of Gunung Maria Hospital in Tomohon and Stella Maris Hospital in Makassar. After the retirement he stayed in MSC convent in Karombasan Manado until his death.

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