New Regional Superior of Sulawesi-East and North Kalimantan

Handover of position as Regional superior of Sulawesi-East Kalimantan-North Kalimantan was held in the Chapel of MSC House, Karombasan, Manado, February 2th 2017. The position was handed from former Regional Superior, Fr. Johny Luntungan MSC to the newly elected Regional Superior, Fr. Stephanus Berty Tijow MSC, in an Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Poltje Pitoy MSC. Fr. John Rawung MSC and Fr. Romanus Kanisius Tuju MSC acted as witnesses. Also present in this occasion, Fr. Hubertus Berry Pareira, one of the Provincial Administration.

Before elected as Regional Superior of Sulawesi-East Kalimantan-North Kalimantan, Fr Berty was the Rector of the Postulancy in Purworejo, Central Java and also one of the Provincial Adminstrations. He will perform his duties as Regional Superior from February 27th, 2017 to February 27th, 2020.

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