Plenary Assembly of the Superiors and Administrations is being held at the Sacred Heart Convent, Karombasan, Manado. This is the first Plenary Assembly under the new Provincial Superior elected in the Provincial Chapter,  January 2017 ago.

Regional Superiors, Superiors of the Houses and Formation Communities are attending this assembly.

The main agenda of the assembly is discussing the follow-up of the results of the Chapter held in Jakarta last January and the assignments of the members.

After the opening, the Superiors of the Region, Houses and Formation Communities reported the socialization of the Chapter’s Resolutions. Some other superiors will only communicate the Chapter’s Resolutions on each community’s assembly/meeting being held after the Plenary Assembly. In this Assembly the superiors are helped to see deeper on the Chapter’s statements, recommendations and resolutions in order to draw points that can be priority concern for their communities.

We all support this assembly that will help our life and apostolates ahead. Ametur Ubique Terrarum Cor Iesu Sacratissimum.