Special Chinese New Year


January 28th, 2017 was a special day for those who celebrate Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and for MSC Indonesian Province. Three members of MSC Indonesia were Ordained priest. Deacon Rikardo Senduk MSC was ordained a priest by Bishop Joseph Suwatan MSC in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Kairagi, Manado, while Deacons Adrianus Fenanlampir MSC and Stefanus Belyanan MSC were ordained priests in St Francis Xavier Cathedral of Ambon by Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi MSC. As a newly ordained priest, Fr Rikardo Senduk MSC will be assigned as a missionary in Ekuador. Before the ordination, he served in Ekuador as deacon. One of the newly ordained MSC Priest in Ambon will be assigned in the region of Amboina Diocese and another one will be assigned in Archdiocese of Merauke.

Newly ordained MSC Priests in Ambon

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