Provincial Chapter


On January 16 to 25, 2017, MSC Indonesian Province held a provincial chapter in Wisma Samadi, Klender, Jakarta. It was the 15th Chapter for Indonesian Province.

The theme of the Chapter is “Let’s Go Deeper Into For Mission: Becoming Disciples of the Sacred Heart, Servers and Stewards In Life and Work.” What is discussed, deepened and confirmed in the chapter is not only a result of the Chapter participants but also the fruit of a deepening process on the theme, either by the individual members and communities. Thanks for the participation of all members through prayer, reflection, discussion, and other forms of support.

As the resolution, the Chapter encourages all members to strengthen our religious identity as MSC through  personal and communities programs or activities. The Chapter also reaffirmed the commitment to take part in the mission of the Congregation, in cooperation with the General Administration and other provinces or unions.

The Chapter also encourages communities (especially in formation houses) to cultivate missionary spirit by designing and implementing programs such as the foreign language courses, formation of missionary groups, cultural studies, and so on. It is necessary to keep the passion for mission burning.

There are also some other resolutions on leadership, pastoral and specific ministries. The chapter had seen the need to perform a deep examination on our works.

In this chapter, Fr Johny Luntungan MSC was elected as the new Provincial Superior for 2017 – 2020. Fr. Augustinus Handoko MSC was elected as Vice Provincial. They will work along with Fr. Berry Pareira MSC and Br. Yosafat Manuel MSC as assistants.

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